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  • The meaning of the name Ziva is 'Splendor'. This page offers more name info like origin, popularity, variants, usage by language, public feedback, pronunciation, rating, similar names and categories. — “Ziva | Name Meaning & Origin | Girl Name Ziva | Baby Names World”,
  • Kindly brought to you by Ziva 2 white hot comments. Friday, November 26, 2010. Glögg - Try To Say That Five Times Fast. It's been snowing all week. Big flakes, small flakes, storm flakes, corn flakes and friendly flakes. If we get another ten or twelve feet we'll be completely snowed in. — “Ziva's Inferno”,
  • Ziva Rodann, Actress: Last Train from Gun Hill. — “Ziva Rodann - IMDb”,
  • Ziva develops novel optical and RF technologies from concept to prototype for defense and commercial applications in the areas of imaging and communications. Our goal is to take the most promising technologies to production for defense and commercial applications. — “Ziva Corporation”, ziva-
  • Ziva Cohen Peretz is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Ziva Cohen Peretz and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Ziva Cohen Peretz has 134 friends on Facebook and. — “Ziva Cohen Peretz | Facebook”,
  • Ziva David (pronounced dah-VEED) is a former Israeli Mossad agent.  Previously assigned to NCIS as a liaison for Mossad, Ziva is now an NCIS agent and a U.S. citizen. When Ziva first appears,. — “Ziva David - NCIS Database”,
  • Myspace profile for ZIVA. Find friends, share photos, keep in touch with classmates, and meet new people on Myspace. — “ZIVA on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music”,
  • 3:46 Add to Added to queue I'm Not Dead--Ziva Davidby PeriPonytailsFeatured Video48,792 views 3:11 Add to Added to queue NCIS - Tiva - Ziva is the best damn thing that by KateTodd19897,358 views. — “YouTube - Tiva. I don't know who i am without you”,
  • Ziva is a wonderful, smart and sweet girl, and, of course, we will miss having her around. Ziva did well in her recent evaluation, so we are optimistic that she will succeed in her planned career. — “Ziva's Tales”,
  • Ziva Dancer Middle Eastern Dance Artist Bellydance CA Ziva teaches 'The Art of the Drum Solo' workshop Nov. 20th at Hipline! Pictured here with Souhail Kaspar. — “Ziva Middle Eastern Dance Artist - Home”,
  • Ziva Chocolates is a Denver based fine chocolate company that specializes in crafting beautiful hand made chocolates. — “Ziva Chocolates-Home”,
  • WELCOME TO THE HOME OF ZIVA PRODUCTIONS. CLICK HERE TO ENTER WEBSITE (see NOTICES/Changes below) Due to work / academic commitments of our instructors we are unable to sustain our current class schedules, therefore we are down sizinng to Three regular classes a week at these venues:. — “ZUMBA FITNESS”, ziva.co.nz
  • We are committed to provide quality medication at affordable prices to the patients across the nation with a view to help bring down the healthcare costs. We are also endeavouring in other fields of medicine for people at large Copyright © 2005-2009 Ziva Pvt. Ltd. powered by Web-Excell. Home. — “:Welcome to Ziva :”, ziva.co.in
  • Eli David (Michael Nouri), head of Israeli Mossad and Special Agent Ziva David's (Cote de Pablo) father, is missing from the scene, while his body guard is dead. Eli has left a clue written in Hebrew on the ground but the Mossad agent eliminates part of it before Ziva sees it. — “NCIS twist finds former agent behind bomb | ”,
  • Vladimir Ziva,classical,music,albums,compositions,works,biography,pictures,Conductor, Concertos, Ballet, Orchestral. — “Vladimir Ziva- Bio, Albums, Pictures – Naxos Classical Music”,
  • Joomla! - the dynamic portal engine and content management system Ziva's Website. Romy op foto shoot. zaterdag, 24 januari 2009 14:36 administrator. Welkom op onze hoofd pagina. — “Ziva's Website”,
  • Ziva Energy drink products are European made and have all the needed health certificates Become a ZIVA distributor. In order to expand our distribution throughout Europe , The Middle East and The United States we are allways looking for distributors for our. — “ZIVA ENERGY DRINK”, ziva-
  • One of the world's largest video sites, serving the best videos, funniest movies and clips. Tony and McGee arrive at the office to find Ziva exhausted from paying her du. — “Videos tagged with Ziva - Metacafe”,
  • The source for certified diamonds and fine jewelry since 1985. — “ZIVA: Leading Manufacturer of Designer Diamond Jewelry”,
  • Home. Mission. Curriculum. Calendar. Faculty & Staff. Current Students. Alumni. Press. News. Workshops. Gallery. Scholarship Fund. Philanthropy. Wall Of Fame. Apply. Contact. — “Welcome to ZIVA”,
  • I have so loved the mini-arc Vance background, Ziva's Mossad loyalties, Eli-Ziva reunion and Gibbs Shannon/Kelly storylines that passed through other episodes as we tried to piece the truth together. I was disappointed in a promised intense reunion of Ziva and her father that I had waited a season for. — “Ask Matt: Chuck, The Event, Glee, NCIS, Bones and More”,
  • Ziva had a younger sister, (Talia), who was killed in a Hamas suicide bombing when she Ziva's mother is first mentioned in the Season 6 episode "Silent Night", and Ziva. — “Ziva David - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Go home: NCIS Ziva David is played by Cote de Pablo Occupation/Title : Former Mossad Liaison Officer As. — “Ziva David - NCIS”,

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  • NCIS (Ziva) Alone (Character study) KLICK HERE FOR VIDEO INCLUDING AUDIO TRACK: CAUTION: Contains Season 6 Spoilers from Last man standing and Agent Afloat!! Ok this one took ages, but I'm quite proud of it. When I heard this Song I figured, that it absolutely describes Ziva's character. So it's about her and also includes several men she cares about. Gibbs, Tony, McGee, her Dad and those men, who influenced her in some episodes like both Michaels or Roy. I hope you'll like it. She is definitely my favourite character. Song: Earshot- Wait Honors: #81 - Most Discussed (Today) - Germany #17 - Most Discussed (Today) - Entertainment - Germany #34 - Top Favorited (Today) - Germany #6 - Top Favorited (Today) - Entertainment - Germany #65 - Top Rated (Today) - Germany #14 - Top Rated (Today) - Entertainment - Germany #83 - Top Rated (This Week) - Entertainment - Germany
  • NCIS (Ziva) Aliyah -Dead and Gone Follow me on Twitter: Hello guys, Well this year's Season Finale has aired and I felt that it is worth a little video. During the summer break I'll make some Tiva videos. But this short one focuses on Ziva's heartbreaking journey on the NCIS Season 6 finale. I loved it and I'm looking forward to Season 7. I thought that the song ist really suitable. Well I hope you'll enjoy this one, even if it's short. Song: Justin Timberlake- Dead and Gone Comments are love ;-) Disclaimer: Clips belong to CBS Paramount and Bellisario Productions... I own nothing and don't earn any money with this... for entertainment purposes only.. Honors for this video : #92 - Most Discussed (Today) - Germany #15 - Most Discussed (Today) - Entertainment - Germany #27 - Top Favorited (Today) - Germany #4 - Top Favorited (Today) - Entertainment - Germany #99 - Top Favorited (This Week) - Entertainment - Germany #36 - Top Rated (Today) - Germany #8 - Top Rated (Today) - Entertainment - Germany #42 - Top Rated (This Week) - Entertainment - Germany #77 - Top Favorited (This Month) - Entertainment - Germany (June)
  • NCIS - Tony and Ziva - The kiss A Vid about the tention between Tony and Ziva. No infringement intended. NCIS belongs to DPB and CBS. Song featured on Season 5 episode 7, requiem. On Maddie's MySpace page. Thanks to Jess, Ali, Kait, David and Jessystorm. Thanks to NCIS and Tony and Ziva. xox ncisgirl101
  • NCIS Tony/Ziva - Art of Love (Spoilers to Season 7) Spoilers to season 7 up to Episode 10 Tony and Ziva from NCIS Art of Love - Guy Sebastian and Jordin Sparks Music is owned by Sony No Copyright Infringement intended, only for entertainment purposes NCIS is owned by CBS and affiliates Don't forget to rate and review. Enjoy :)
  • NCIS Tony/Ziva - Broken & Beautiful **Spoiler Alert** This video contains scenes from Season 5. I hope all you Tiva fans enjoy it! Song: Broken and Beautiful Artist: Suzie McNeil For entertainment purposes only; no infringement intended.
  • NCIS Ziva David - Have a cry Ziva David - NCIS Have a cry - Kina www.ncis-
  • NCIS Season 7- Rescue Ziva! My 2nd Video :) Thought I would do one to help get us all through the summer! It's the team going to save Ziva, rebuilding Trust, Missing Ziva and questioning who is to blame!
  • (tony/ziva) crawl Warning: spoilers for season 7 episode 1 truth or consequences "and if i had to crawl, would you crawl too? i stumble and i fall. carry me through." a very simple vid about how tony went to go save ziva when she was in africa. and lets just say... he saved the crap outta her ;) *this was made very quickly, in like an hour or two, so no hating* part one of this vid also contains footage from the season 6 finale - those scenes are in black and white ;) Ummm, okay, so I recently got into NCIS thanks to the USA network, and I love it. But Im not going to lie, I still havent seen a good chuck of seasons 4 and 5. I went back and watched 1 and 2 which means that right now Im a diehard kate or tate fan, but I have seen season 6 (ass backwards, I know) so I literally have never been more excited to see a season opener in my entire life. No lie. I knew that I was going to have to vid this episode from like minute 5, so all you tate fans out there, no hating on ziva okay? I thought that this episode was amazingly written, and the ending was fabulous ;) I mean of course tony saves ziva from that really small looking terrorist salim . She was sooo not dead. That was quite obvious ;) Fandom: ncis Couple: tony/ziva or tiva Song: crawl Footage used: the season 6 finale 6x25 Aliyah and season 7 opener Ps. Did anyone else lol like every time tony spoke. Like when salim came in at the end and he said hey salim, whats up man? like they were best friends, lol. voiceovers: (i think someone ...
  • Ziva David - Season Finale (Lies) a vid about the season finale, mostly about ziva and her situation . i hope you like it :) i own nothing, all clips belong to CBS and bellisario productions, the music is by evenascence - lies
  • NCIS - Ziva's Meltdown Something finally brings Ziva to her wit's end in this exclusive preview of the next episode
  • NCIS - Ziva David - Breathe Me First, Happy New Year & Bonne Année! A Ziva David (NCIS) video, played by the awesome and beautiful Cote De Pablo! Enjoy! Song: Breathe Me by Sia
  • Ziva-isms Screenshots and Ziva-isms! Who doesn't love? I don't own NCIS *sob* The music is "Shirat Hastiker" by HaDag Nachash. I am now taking requests for video making!!! -IsraeliArchangel
  • Intense Tony/Ziva and Abby/Ziva Moment [Reunion, Season 7, Episode2] I was bored, so i decided to share this to my fellow NCIS fans. Shout-out to the TIVA fans:) I'm a proud TIVA shipper. I didn't include the bathroom scene here though. Many others already uploaded it ahead of me. So I went for the OTHER intense scene.:) And for other Abby fans, here it is. :) We just love Abby being.....Abby. :) She's a good friend:) That's one of the million things we love about her, isn't it? ALL CLIPS BELONG TO CBS. COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IS NOT INTENDED.
  • Ziva David - It's not easy to be me Ncis video about Ziva. She is an heroine but it's not easy to be her and she has the right to dream and bleed. Music by Five for Fighting
  • NCIS- Ziva (Whisper) based on Recoil A Ziva video based on Episode 5.16 Recoil... Mainly Recoil clips and sort of Tiva, but actually just a Ziva video.. She struggles with herself and her identity and feelings for different men.. I hope you'll like it... it's a kinda dark video edited with Sony Vegas.. Music: Evanescence..Whisper comments are love... Disclaimer: Clips belong to CBS Paramount and Bellisario Productions... I own nothing and don't earn any money with ist... for entertainment purposes only.. Honors: #100 - Most Discussed (Today) - Germany #22 - Most Discussed (Today) - Entertainment - Germany #89 - Top Favorites (Today) - Germany #20 - Top Favorites (Today) - Entertainment - Germany #69 - Top Rated (Today) - Germany #13 - Top Rated (Today) - Entertainment - Germany #81 - Top Rated (This Week) - Entertainment - Germany
  • Ziva David - she's so dangerous
  • Ncis - Shalom, Ziva I made this video about Ziva... I hope you'll like it! :D
  • NCIS - Ziva David - Never met a girl like you Ziva David Edwin Collins mit Never met a girl like you www.ncis-
  • NCIS Tony/Ziva - Walking Behind ***Spoiler Alert***Contains a lot of Season 4, especially late season 4.*** I'm not a shipper, but the chemistry between these two is undeniable and, as I was listening to this song the other day, it reminded me of how scared both are to admit any feelings they might have. Song: Walking Behind Artist: The Moffatts For entertainment purposes only. No infringement intended. Clips from NCIS.
  • NCIS 4x11 Tony Ziva NCIS clip
  • Selma Bajrami - ziva, zdrava :)
  • Apologize - Tony & Ziva Disclaimer: All materials used belong to respective owners. No copyright infringement intended. -- "I loved you with the fire red, now it's turning blue." I know the song's kind of old (and that there's already a few NCIS Apologize videos out there) but after the finale I just thought that I'd do a little angsty Tony and Ziva vid, asking if it was too late for Tiva now that they've been reassigned. Song by OneRepublic & Timbaland Clips Property CBS
  • NCIS Sneak Peak Season 6 - Ziva singing NCIS 6x01 ---- For entertainment purposes only. No infringement intended.
  • NCIS Ziva David - Revolution Read: Ziva listens to her fave song in the elevator and she's imagening HER revolution ;) ************************************* an OfficerZivaDavid81 production I don't own NCIS
  • Ziva - I Don´t Think So A Ziva Video
  • Ziva David - Jerusalem of Gold A sad video. I thought the song works beautiful with the pictures and it shows Zivas homesickness. see translation on: www.jerusalemofgold.co.il
  • Ziva - Temptation Cote de Pablo as Ziva David is singing
  • NCIS - Dead Reckoning - Ziva kicks some butt This is a clip from 6x20 "Dead Reckoning" in which Ziva kicks some major bootie. Watch her take out to men at once! NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED AT ALL TOWARDS CBS OR THE MAKERS OF NCIS. I do not own anything.
  • NCIS Ziva My - World Spoilers if you haven't finished watching season 6 yet. A video showing how Ziva see's her life and how she deals with losing people she cares for. It's very Angsty i know...but i hope you'll like it anyway. PLEASE tell me what you think. clips: belong to CBS,SAT1 and the copyrightholders of NCIS song: my world belongs to sick puppies and the copyright holders of the song Just a fanmade video ;)
  • Nad Kraljevom Ziva Vatra
  • NCIS - Trailer Tony/Ziva *Watch in HQ* A short trailer about Tony and Ziva 's relationship (specially season 5&6). //NCIS and its characters are the property of Belisarius Productions, Paramount Pictures and CBS.
  • NCIS Abby/Kate/Ziva - Only A Girl Here is my second video. It features the girls of NCIS; well, minus the Director. Song: Only A Girl Artist: Easily Amused (now Keith and Renee) No copyright infringement intended; for entertainment purposes only
  • || Tony & Ziva - ANGEL || A New Video...Tiva of course!!!! XD I hope you like it! ^_^ I own nothing!!!, only my imagination!!! !!SPOILER season 7!! ;-) Song Text: I just want to tell you all the things you are And all the things you mean to me You've been with me forever Through the changes in my life Through all the tears and laughter When I find myself believing there's no place to go When I feel the loneliness inside my heart You're the answer to my prayers And you're with me everywhere You're my angel, miracle, you're all I need tonight Give me shelter from the rain You breathe life in me again You're my angel, miracle, you're all I need to know, tonight Life is just a moment We're blowing in the wind We're trying to find a friend And only time can tell us If win or if we lose And who will stand beside us When there's darkness all around me You're the light I see When I need someone to ease my troubled mind You're the answer to my prayers And you're with me everywhere You're my angel, miracle, you're all I need tonight Give me shelter from the rain You breathe life in me again You're my angel, miracle, you're all I need to know, tonight You're all I need tonight All I need tonight All I need tonight You're my angel You're the answer to my prayers And you're with me everywhere You're my angel, miracle, you're all I need tonight Give me shelter from the rain You breathe life in me again You're my angel, my miracle, you're all I need to know, tonight
  • The Look - Ziva David It's a fanvid about Ziva from the TV - Show NCIS. I think the song fits perfect. I hope you like it and comments are love! Song by Roxette all Clips belong to CBS it's only Fanmade!!!
  • (AU) Tony and Ziva ( Tiva ) - feat. Jeanne & Michael - Our Beautiful Mistakes Please read video info first to understand the story. Subscribe. Favorite. Comment.(Please :) )DISCLAIMER: NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED!! ALL RIGHTS AND PROPERTY BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS. NO PROFIT OR MONEY WAS MADE FROM THIS. MADE PURELY FOR ENTERTAINMENT. NCIS IS COPYRIGHT PROPERTY OF CBS AND I RESPECT THAT. MUSIC IS COPYRIGHT OF DISHWALLA AND I ALSO RESPECT THAT. VIDEO INFO: I made this video focusing on the theme of lust as a reflection on the books about adultery that we read in English class during this past Junior year of High School. It's a complicated story and I don't feel like I would be able to explain it to you in words, but i'll try my best. Ziva tells Michael that she's pregnant, but Michael's advice is to not tell Tony about it. Meanwhile, Tony is having an affair with Jeanne and he becomes very suspicious about Michael and Ziva. He suspects that they are more than friends. Tony, like the good detective that he is, digs up Ziva's secret and confronts Michael about it...only Tony doesn't know that it is his baby. When Ziva's father also finds out that his daughter is pregnant, he believes that it is Michael who impregnated her. He devises up a scheme in which Tony ends up killing Michael. After Michael's death, Ziva reveals her secret to Tony. The two of them will have to work out their relationship. Will Tony stay with Ziva and the baby or will he leave Ziva and be with Jeanne(totally out of character for him, but this is AU xD)? The ending ...
  • Apologize - Tony & Ziva A MV featuring Tony and Ziva from NCIS and the song 'Apologize' by One Republic. It's sorta based on how Tiva's relationship was tested by Tony's undercover mission. I hope you enjoy (because I think this is my favourite video I've made so far) and feel free to comment! Clips provided by FX and CBS. Music provided by One Republic. No copyright infringment intended.
  • disturbia (ziva david) So this is a short Ziva David video. It's based on the episode "Recoil" from season five of NCIS. The lyrics explain the video. Program used: Sony Vegas 7 Song: Disturbia - Rihanna I do NOT own the characters, show, music or clips. They are owned by their respectful owners.
  • NCIS Ziva (Cote de Pablo) bikini
  • NCIS Ziva David The best character in NCIS. Ziva's fights
  • Undercovers Tony/Ziva Just a small clip from a favorite NCIS episode of mine. My friend wanted to se ethe clip so. there
  • Verena_LOL: why are ziva, abby, mcgee and tony crying in the evelator in "swan song" ????
  • eirelavenna: @JacJacph hahahahaha aigooo what was 'bonita' about then? i thought you were referring to ziva of ncis cos you replied to my tweet..
  • eirelavenna: @JacJacph lol aren't you talking about ziva?
  • gishellaER: @DreamWriter31 yes! I don't like the way she talks, especially the way she talks to Ziva for the first time LOL
  • maya_red_: @jesseQ11 I also liked Kate. I miss her still even after all these years with Ziva. :(
  • GibbsRules: RT @ceersta RT @GibbsRules: RT @gonzobyrne I love Gibbs, DiNozzo, McGee, Ducky, Abby, Ziva and all at #ncis
  • ceersta: RT @GibbsRules: RT @gonzobyrne I love Gibbs, DiNozzo, McGee, Ducky, Abby, Ziva and all at #ncis
  • GibbsRules: RT @JTRules1 RT @GibbsRules: RT @gonzobyrne I love Gibbs, DiNozzo, McGee, Ducky, Abby, Ziva and all at #ncis
  • JTRules1: RT @GibbsRules: RT @gonzobyrne I love Gibbs, DiNozzo, McGee, Ducky, Abby, Ziva and all at #ncis
  • GibbsRules: RT @gonzobyrne I love Gibbs, DiNozzo, McGee, Ducky, Abby, Ziva and all at #ncis
  • gonzobyrne: I love Gibbs, DiNozzo, McGee, Ducky, Abby, Ziva and all at #ncis
  • angelacoloms: RT @GibbsRules: RT @ihategossip Season 8 of #ncis is so family oriented. They featured #Dinozzo n #Ziva's dad. How abt Mcgee's family???
  • GibbsRules: RT @ihategossip Season 8 of #ncis is so family oriented. They featured #Dinozzo n #Ziva's dad. How abt Mcgee's family???
  • ihategossip: Season 8 of #ncis is so family oriented. They featured #Dinozzo n #Ziva's dad. How abt Mcgee's family???
  • Kaylia1991: @beckyj97 yes... I would also like to get to know how close Malachi and Ziva used to be when Ziva was with the Mossad in her early years
  • JTRules1: Aaaaaahhhhh Tony: "Im tired of pretending" Ziva "So am i" http:///watch?v=Av0FyXPP7Rs&feature=player_profilepage #Tiva #NCIS
  • izzahsofly: Omg Tony is so cuteee. Ziva and him should totally get together. It'll be so cuteee. Haha.
  • Edoziva: Yeyeay :)RT @andry_sixflow: semangad!!^^ RT @EdoZiva: ZIVA perform @KFC Kemang,nobar final champions..cheerrsss!!
  • Stan_Mathers: @kristinnaaah yeah abby's great, i also like ziva, she kicks ass, tony's funny, & gibbs, mcgee, ducky, jimmy, I LOVE THEM ALL! except leon
  • nasharazak: "I just want something permanent... Is that too much to ask?" Cote de Pablo as Ziva David, #NCIS
  • helgawinter: and I don't really like this whole damsel-in-distress thing they've got going because the Ziva I loved could take on a dragon anytime,
  • helgawinter: Sure, hating Ziva for being mad with Tony after he killed her boyfriend has nothing to do with misogyny. Oh fandom...
  • Baphomet_FR: Ho ziva le tweet de ouf.
  • beckyj97: RT @Kaylia1991: @beckyj97 he defied Eli's madness in Somalia and tried to convice Ziva not to go...
  • techiefairy: @Rani_kuk But of course ;-) Nothing to do with Gibbs or DiNozzo or Abby or Ziva. Nothing. No sir. Purely educational :-)
  • beckyj97: The ziva eli moment oh god hear come the tears
  • Kaylia1991: @beckyj97 he defied Eli's madness in Somalia and tried to convice Ziva not to go...
  • Kaylia1991: @beckyj97 they teased this Kort-Ray-Tel Aviv storyline and GG already said this is connected to Ziva and Eli...
  • beckyj97: Leon: What is your daughters name Eli:I have two tail and ziva
  • MissNCISLOVER: "So when Tony and Ziva get together (which is not IF it’s a WHEN :D)" http:///xin2pzvrd1
  • Kaylia1991: @beckyj97 are you watching "enemies foreign"? Oh yeah I loooove Malachi and I loved to hate Liat. The Liat-Ziva dynamic was great
  • beckyj97: Ziva and liat would make a hot couple just saying
  • beckyj97: 'if someone wants something out of your pants they should use there hands ' Ziva David
  • Silencero: Tony and Ziva 30 Day Challenge | Day 14: Favorite Season 6 Scene: http:///xjz2pzfb5o
  • AriahJade: Ziva sleeping with her tongue out. http:///53jcu9
  • beckyj97: RT @acdk09: Tony: But come on.Who recruited you? Father?Uncle? Brother? Boyfriend? Ziva: Aunt, sister, lesbian lover. (I miss this!) #Tiva #ncis
  • AnketKohli: RT @D7Shimmerz: This just reaffirms my belief that Ziva can kill a man with only a credit card. #NCIS
  • D7Shimmerz: This just reaffirms my belief that Ziva can kill a man with only a credit card. #NCIS
  • Ziver22: Photo: › Tony: We just lost our victim. Ziva: Our suspect. McGee: Our theories. Ziva: We’ve been barking up... http:///x3h2py9mbb
  • Ziver22: Photo: tony-dinozzo: This scene is SO DAMN PERFECT! And I have to say as much as I love my Ziva i was with... http:///x3h2pxx7if
  • sophiateoh: @TaraPersad Well, I suppose both are real in their own ways :) that's the beauty of life. But Ziva is generally a very angsty character XD
  • sophiateoh: @TaraPersad Except when I think Present Day Ziva reflects upon her past, it's a lot darker.
  • sophiateoh: @TaraPersad I know Ziva had happy times in her past, but it's just less interesting to write about. Haha. But I had a happy Ziva kid-fic
  • TaraPersad: @sophiateoh he was promoted. other than that, ziva did have a some what sort of happy/good childhood. and it was probably eli that taught
  • TaraPersad: @sophiateoh well, i don't think that ziva's past is completely sad. see, i always think that there were happy times and there were. i mean
  • sophiateoh: @TaraPersad I was thinking of fluffy Tiva XD it's just my Ziva that's always sad. My Ziva has to be sad, cause her past is so dark.
  • TaraPersad: @sophiateoh the one you are/were reading, was it a tony/ziva one? and if so, whats the name of it? :D
  • SpreadJermz: yo Ziva from NCIS gets the #EBRC treatment from me anyday shes ready
  • TaraPersad: @sophiateoh yeah, i always thought that ziva is afraid that she will betray the team again, but she won't, she knows the price of trust more
  • Initial_A2007: Three women I aspire to be: Miranda Bailey, River Song, and Ziva David. That probably says something significant about my psyche.
  • TaraPersad: @sophiateoh yeah tony is afraid of losing her again. but ziva is to an extent afraid as well afraid that she might betray the team or choose
  • zivamusic: New show announced in Walnut Creek, CA at Dan's Bar on May 29, 2011 http:///a/4kgp
  • sophiateoh: @TaraPersad I think Tony's even more afraid...he's the one who almost lost her, and not she him. Ziva doesn't want to get tortured again but
  • TaraPersad: @sophiateoh both of them definitely don't want to go back to that phase, especially ziva, show knows now how much that cost her. yeah, thats
  • Damonfan: "Well, Ziva, just another night, you and me, alone."-Tony "I'm driving."-Ziva "I'm dead."-Tony N.C.I.S. Season 5 'Lost and Found'
  • sophiateoh: @TaraPersad Hehe. Well...when you think further into Ziva's personality, it doesn't seem weird at all.
  • TaraPersad: @sophiateoh i'm glad though that u don't think the locket thing is weird of ziva, cause i know some people might think that.
  • TaraPersad: @sophiateoh that's true - public & private ziva, that makes sense, heheh, & it would be like tony to snoop around. i was thinking that it
  • Valerinieeee: Ziva is such a romantic softie at heart :')
  • sophiateoh: @TaraPersad Ziva is a person with a very well-formed public persona, so I think public Ziva and private Ziva are very different. Maybe
  • TaraPersad: @sophiateoh ziva about it? but then i doubt, ziva doesn't seem like the kinda of girl to have those things? or maybe she does? see, i weird!
  • TaraPersad: @sophiateoh another umm prompt (?) i thought of was a locket. ziva had this necklace/locket w/ a pic of her mum in it & tony saw it & asked
  • TaraPersad: @sophiateoh btw, when do u think tony & ziva went back to normal after rivkin & somalia, in code of conduct or after paris or when?
  • Valerinieeee: Tony: "this is really going to get really strange, isn't it?" Ziva: "going to?"
  • AnyaNabila: Ziva David is beyond awesome!! #ncismadness
  • caitlinpadua: Photo: › I miss the old Ziva. http:///xee2pv2m6k
  • kenni_renee: Photo: › I miss the old Ziva. http:///xun2pv1onm
  • caitlinpadua: Photo: › Tony: We just lost our victim. Ziva: Our suspect. McGee: Our theories. Ziva: We’ve been barking up... http:///xee2puyz2g
  • Stan_Mathers: @Chris4573 ziva got him, good this she killed her own halfbrother
  • chrisrbarry: @PauleyP oh i def wont, i dont need gibbs pulling up behind me or ziva for that matter, she'd kick my ass! lol have a great weekend pauley!
  • ordinarybritt: Seeing #MichaelWeatherly become a priest is the weirdest thing. He is Tony! Flirting, charming in-love-with-Ziva Tony. #ncis #charmed
  • MegaMaz: NCIS 3.15 | Head Case - › Ziva: Anyone so obviously fascincated with death has to be deeply disturbed on... http:///xum2pruguv
  • hemohctane: Ziva wins....it's a good thing she remembered Bluetooth, PI's car.. :D
  • hemohctane: Love the shot of Ziva spying on the woman with the Major. It really goes well with the song.
  • DidyLici0us: Reblog if You want Season 9 of NCIS to be The year of TIVA (Tony/Ziva) - Because… “It’s just different for... http:///x8e2prm0yu
  • hemohctane: Oh, Tony....oh, now we get the first scene between Ziva and Bluetooth, PI.
  • Cyberkittyn: @ihateonionrings Ziva from NCIS reminds me of you.
  • JessyCSS: @JesseStern Ok, I don't like Ray, but Ziva with him ? NO WAY ! She have to stay with TONY!Tiva, c'mom, that hug on elevator mean something!
  • JessyCSS: @JesseStern HEY ! I'll acuse you of try kill me, ok ? How Ziva could possible think on marry with Ray ? She can't ! He's a idiot D:
  • hemohctane: I like the fact that Ziva is the first to suspect something is hinky...
  • omgitskacey: R.I.P. Ziva Homes. We love you and miss you very much baby girl. 2008-2011
  • GibbsRules: RT @TheTorresChick RT @GibbsRules: RT @alyshalarrison "Aren't you hot"?-Denozo "I've been told that before".-Ziva #ncis
  • GibbsRules: RT @acdk09 RT @GibbsRules: RT @alyshalarrison "Aren't you hot"?-Denozo "I've been told that before".-Ziva #ncis
  • acdk09: RT @GibbsRules: RT @alyshalarrison "Aren't you hot"?-Denozo "I've been told that before".-Ziva #ncis
  • TheTorresChick: RT @GibbsRules: RT @alyshalarrison "Aren't you hot"?-Denozo "I've been told that before".-Ziva #ncis
  • GibbsRules: RT @alyshalarrison "Aren't you hot"?-Denozo "I've been told that before".-Ziva #ncis
  • AlekslovesBB: Ok i was just told that i look like Ziva from NCIS! I don't see it! o_O
  • alyshalarrison: "Aren't you hot"?-Denozo "I've been told that before".-Ziva #ncis
  • Velvet_Rose: @Bertilak Isn't he too competent for that? McGee could be D'Artagnan and then Ziva, Tony and Gibbs could be the musketeers :D
  • GibbsRules: RT @salmanmylife RT @GibbsRules: RT @SavedByIzabell Ziva has a really nice hairline #ncis
  • starshineamator: @ceruleanbreeze Ah, damn. They show the Ziva dress. I think they made 2versions of it, b/c the 1they show has blood on it & urs doesn't! LOL
  • salmanmylife: RT @GibbsRules: RT @SavedByIzabell Ziva has a really nice hairline #ncis
  • zivamusic: Ziva & Kipp Glass hit the East Bay this Sunday night for S.A.U.L (Sunday Acoustic Unplugged Live) #9! Come check... http://fb.me/BGdgtnhG
  • GibbsRules: RT @SavedByIzabell Ziva has a really nice hairline #ncis

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