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  • Zonaradikos. Music: Lambinouda 20 Greek Dances by Dora Stratou Now do two brosta, followed by two basics and two kato . Variations: Kato - This is just the basic step with a squat replacing the last two step hops. Brosta -Do the first four steps as a basic, then repeat those four steps. — “Zonaradikos”,
  • Olymbia - Proskinitos - Lissavo - Gaida - Zaramo - Aloniotikos - Simbethera - Poustseno - Tria karavia - Sirtos sigkathistos - Xe sirtos - Baidouska - Zonaradikos/Koulouriastos - Dendritsi - Bogdanos - Tis tris - Podaraki - Zonaradikos - Katsivelikos - Emeis edo den irthame. — “Gift World - Elliniki Hori - 108”,
  • Greek Folk Instruments Artist: Various Artists Release Date: April 28, 2006 Type: Collection (various artists) Genre: World Tracks Track Title Zonaradikos. On Your Embroidered Apron. My Red Apple (Milo Mou Kokino). — “Greek Folk Instruments: Information from ”,
  • See and hear what Greece albums, songs, and artists are at the top of the Rhapsody charts. Plus, music reviews, new music videos, artist photos and lyrics. 36. Zonaradikos I. — “Greece Music: Album, Track and Artist Charts - Rhapsody Music”,
  • OUSAK playing a bouzouki taximi followed by an instrumental in 6/8 (Zonaradikos) Tags: bouzouki greek zonaradikos zorbas greece thraki solo taximi dromos ousak kioulos sahamis mpouzouki thrakiotiko fragkiotiko oud saz banjo guitar. — “Ousak - Website Scripts”,
  • Dance from Thrace, Greece.. Zonaradikos by HELLAS DANCE TROUPE. Watch it on Myspace Videos. — “Zonaradikos Video by HELLAS DANCE TROUPE - Myspace Video”,
  • One of the world's largest video sites, serving the best videos, funniest movies and clips. There is no topic page for 'Zonaradikos' Create One Now!. — “Videos tagged with Zonaradikos - Metacafe”,
  • John's Greek dance descriptions cover favorite Greek dances such as syrtos, hasapikos, tsamikos, and more. Information on Greek music, Greek folk music, Greek dances, and related Greek folklore from John Pappas, including folk instruments, Zonaradikos. — “Greek Dance Descriptions ~ Greek Folk Music and Dance ~ John”,
  • ZONARADIKOS. Lamprinouda, den allazeij, den allazeij. Λαμπρινούδα, δεν αλλάζεις sto ho-ro vre' then ka-te-ve-nee. Paei h manats kai th leei. Pie ee ma-nats ke tee le-ee. — “Zonaradikos”,
  • Zonaradikos is a very common line dance in the Thracian part of (Northeastern) Greece. The word "zonaradikos" derives from the Greek word for "belt. — “Zonaradikos”,
  • for the agricultural societies of Thrace, it was the main instrument that played the Zonarádikos. agricultural societies of Thrace, and Zonarádikos, which is the backbone' of instrumental. — “Drawing a parallel between the gaida (bagpipe) and the”, cim09.lam.jussieu.fr
  • The music of zonaradikos has a 2/4 tempo. Holding: a) from the belts of the dancers, b)in the form of handshakes between every other person (a chain of crossovers). There are more ways in which dancers can hold hands, depending on the Zonaradikos variation danced. Steps:. — “Zonaradikos | Greek Dance Group”,
  • Ensemble Azad music profile on Yahoo! Music. Find lyrics, free streaming MP3s, music videos and photos of Ensemble Azad on Yahoo! Music Hartanakh / zonaradikos. — “Ensemble Azad on Yahoo! Music”,
  • Hasapiko, Zonaradikos, Kalamatianos..but really any day that you get to dance is a great day. It is hard to choose I love to dance .and as long as I am dancing, I am happy. Na hse kala!. — “Which is your favourite Greek dance? Mine: chasapikos, syrtos”,
  • Gadelica Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos by Gadelica at ReverbNation Annette's Chatter / Zonaradikos. Gadelica. Play. Details. Queue. Video. Favorite. Share. Buy. Lyrics. Annette's Chatter / Zonaradikos. Play · Queue · Favorite · Share · Details. X. Starceska Racenica. Gadelica. Play. Details. Queue. Video. Favorite. — “Gadelica | Antwerpen, BE | Folk | Music, Lyrics, Songs, and”,
  • Shop for Orion Lyrics included with album at Target. Find Music Popular such as See More Genres in Music. Kainouria Agapi [Zonaradikos Dance] 8:50. — “Orion (Lyrics included with album) : Target”,
  • Zonaradikos/Koulouriastos(Meta­xades) from Thrace performed by Chris Zonaradikos/Koulouriastos(Metaxades) from Thrace performed by Chris Pourlos (Greenville,. — “YouTube - Anderson Greek Festival 2009 006”,
  • Zonaradikos is from Thrace in northern Greece. It is related to the Bulgarian dance called Pravo Horo. The name Zonaradikos comes from the word "zonari," meaning belt (or more accurately a cummerbund-like sash) and refers to the belt hold used in the dance. — “Zonaradikos”,
  • : Zonaradikos: MP3 Downloads Zonaradikos Dance of Thrace [Thracian lyra] (Zonaradikos Thrakis) Vasilis Demisis. Lyra Mainland Greece. 5:04 $0.99. 19. Zonaradikos [Dance of Thrace] Chronis Aidonidis. The Best Greek Folk Songs / Folk musical tradition of mainland Greece. 2:52 $0.99. 20. Zonaradikos. — “: Zonaradikos: MP3 Downloads”,
  • Zonaradiko is a dance done in one form or another all over Greece. In each village the dance will look somewhat different, but the basic structure is essentially the same. In northern Thrace, zonaradikos turns into a fast tsestos dance. — “Zonaradiko - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • zonaradiko Balkan Fest 2006 University of Chicago. Me playing accordian and singing, Jim Stoynoff on clarinet, Harry G on laouto, Dovas on toubeleki, and Peroulas on violin...having a blast
  • OPA Dancers- Zonaradikos at Nurse's Dance The OPA Dancers performing Zonaradikos. =) Add &fmt=18 to the end of the url to watch in high quality.
  • Zonaradikos - Koulouriastos 10th- Thracian Greek Dance.mp4 148th Anniversary of the Ionian Islands Reunification with Greece. Alexandros Onasis Dance Club Nydri - Lefkada. Teacher choreographer Georgia.
  • ZONARADIKO It was the first time we dance this song together!, and the camera was in the wrong place, anyway if i get a best shot, i'll upload it right away. thanks for watching In "Alexandros" NOTE: In the traditional zonaradikos dance, the arms doesn't go this way, and the steps aren't that jumped. check the other zonaradiko videos. Other tags: Greece Argentina colectividad Goma Zorba rosario
  • Zonaradikos Zonaradikos - played by ramazouki
  • zonaradiko zonaradikos spyros,alexis and tasoula komotini 2005
  • Zonaradikos Richmond Greek Festival May 31, 2008
  • evros sirtos sigathistos , zonaradikos koulouriastos
  • Folk Greek from Thrace Zonaradiko - King Alexander Αλέξανδρος ο Βασιλιάς.Ζωναράδικο
  • Zonaradikos BOUZOUKI SOLO 6-8 Allo ena solo bouzouki apo to Yanni,se eksi ogdoa rythmo,yia tous filous mou sto youtube,elpizo na sas aresei
  • Zonaradikos Thracian time
  • Ansamblul Asteria - Zonaradikos Intro + Dance : Zonaradikos Song: Glykeria Zonaradikos Thrakis Zonaradikos is a very common line dance in the Thracian part of (Northeastern) Greece Geia sou!
  • MidiChordPedal DEMO 8 (Zonaradikos) hellenicamericaninventions-gr.us presents the MidiChordPedal. World Music Clarinetist Extraordinaire Lefteris Bournias performs ZONARADIKO, a dance of Northern Greece in fast 6/8 using the Midi Chord Pedal.
  • Zonaradikos 2008 XOR.SYLLOGOS
  • Xsefteria Kotsari and zonaradikos
  • Efthimos - Zonaradikos (Pro Etnica 2009) Efthimos Brasov la Pro Etnica 2009 Sighisoara (22 August)
  • Zonaradikos dance Thrace in this video you have an interesting angle of the camera and it is like you are on the stage dancing ...one can easily follow the steps. Traditional dance of Zonaradikos performed by the "Sklivanites Brotherhood of Ioannina" at Ioannina
  • Traditional Greek Dance - Zonaradikos Koulouriastos This is a Traditional Greek Dance from the Western Thrace Region in Northeastern Greece. It starts as Zonaradikos in which the dancers are holding each other by their belts and later becomes Koulouriastos. The name Koulouriastos means that the dancers are coiling round the head of the dance cycle, in a waving shape. After the coiling phase, the dance comes back to its normal pattern.
  • Zonaradikos
  • Greek dance lesson 3 - Zonaradikos (plus hasaposerbiko) Maria teaches us zonaradiko (and hasaposerbiko on the way). Please note that zonaradiko has also a more complicated part that is not demonstrated here.
  • Xristos Kissoudis Xoreutikos Sillogos Metaxadwn Zonaradikos
  • Xristos Kissoudis Zonaradikos 17 08 2008 Xristos Kissoudis Zonaradikos 17 08 2008 thrakiotika metaxades
  • antamoma monastirioton 2007 trikala imathias "zonaradikos" 10o panellinio antamoma monastirioton anatolikis romilias sta trikala imathias. zonaradikos-tsesto
  • Lykio Ellinidon Dramas " Zonaradikos - Tsestos " Adult dancers team of Lykio Ellinidon Dramas. Teacher : Dimos Gkikas Musicians : Odryses Δράμα:Iούνιος 2008
  • Zonaradiko - Dionysos Dancing Group - Limassol Dionisos Group Dancing Zonaradiko in Patticheon theater, Limassol
  • Bouzouki Solo 6/8 Zonaradikos by OUSAK OUSAK playing a bouzouki taximi followed by an instrumental in 6/8 (Zonaradikos). This solo is in Gm Ousak. Thanks to Yannis Sahamis for the backing track. Thanks to Babis Kioulos for the beautiful bouzouki he made me.
  • funny dances tsifteteli tsamikos tsestos tonya tik zonaradikos Top Egyptian musicians play by Dumbek the song "Brasilian Pearls". CD title :"Sambla Tolo - Journeys into pure Egyptian percussion". Dancers vary in origin from Black Sea to all over Greece. Enjoy! Posible poor quality, videos taken from youtube itself! Disclaimer: No intentional offence to anyone involved, just for the fun out of it!
  • Zonaradikos POFPA carnival "zonaradikos" dance :)
  • Anderson Greek Festival 2009 006 Zonaradikos/Koulouriastos(Metaxades) from Thrace performed by Chris Pourlos (Greenville, SC), Charlie Kleto (Charlotte, NC), Stavros Karageorgis (Winston-Salem, NC), Niki Serpanos, Roula Pisteolis, Amalia Serpanos, Maria Tsolias (Greenville, SC), Anna Asprogiannis (Winston-Salem, NC)
  • Xristos Kissoudis Triti imera zonaradikos Xristos Kissoudis Triti imera sirtos kalamatianos
  • Nea Anchialos Dance Group :: Zonaradikos Tsestos Dance Zonaradikos Tsestos
  • zonaradiko pt. 2 st. john's dancers
  • trikala imathias 2008 zonaradikos trikala imathias 19/4/2008 stin plateia tou xoriou. to ethimo tis roubanas.
  • Zonaradikos Houston Greek festival 2010
  • Zonaradikos dance (by Meltemia dancers and Souvlaki Orchestra) A very old Greek folk dance from Thrace deriving from ancient times , which is danced in various styles also in many other Greek regions. The name of the dance refers to the dancers way of holding on to each other belts (zonari) In this video is danced by Meltemia dancers from Vaasa, Finland and the music is played by Souvlaki Orchestra.
  • antamoma monastirioton 2007 trikala imathias "zonaradikos" 10o panellinio antamoma monastirioton anatolikis romilias sta trikala imathias. zonaradikos-tsesto
  • Kavala Brass Band with Lefteris Bournias at GAFS Zonaradikos Greek American Folklore Society Astoria, NY September 2012 Zonaradikos, Thrace - Greek folk song
  • Ζωναράδικος - Zonaradikos - Θράκη Stamford CT USA
  • MZDanseuse: when i have a sad mood this music & dance gives to me a joyous mood!from Thrace a zonaradikos dance ♫ http://t.co/Imaoo19A

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